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Zibb is A New Business Search Engine

I have just tried Zibb (interesting name by the way) a new search engine, still in beta, with the slogan: stricktly business. It’s a global business search engine, and that tells me that this search engine will only be searching for businesses or am I wrong? Maybe it will also be searching for business related stuff? Well, let me give it a try.

I tried to search for mlm forums, this is a search where my blog at the moment comes up as number 3 on Google and the result is 1,2 million pages in total. At zibb there 14,298 pages as the search result and I can’t seem to find my blog anywhere (but I have just looked at the first four pages, it might be down there somewhere). The results seems to be business related but not stricktly to businesses.

I can see that one of the sites is the well known What’s interesting is that there seems to be very different results compared to Google, which might make this a very interesting search engine alternative.

At zibb you can narrow your search even more. If you look at the top menu, you will see that you can search topics as news, products, suppliers, web & blogs. I used the default and searched all.

I will be testing it in the days a head as I like the design, it was fast and it seemed to get some interesting results – well at least when it comes to businesses 🙂

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