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Yuwie the social network that pays you

I have not tried it and I am not sure if I ever will (I can`t even keep the networks I have already joined updated), but I received an e-mail from one of my readers yesterday suggesting that I should take a look at Yuwie (thanks Noel). He told me that this social network was very interesting and that he had 10,000 pageviews during the last 12 days from using it.

Another interesting fact, besides using it as a way of marketing your blog, Yuwie actually pays all members for everything they do. Not sure how this works and how much you get paid, but they pay you to write your blog at Yuwie, they pay you to interact with other members and to upload pictures. So, instead of using another social network and doing it for free, you will earn money for doing exactly the same at Yuwie.

I haven`t seen the inside at Yuwie yet, because it seems that a lot of the blogs and pictures and whatever they are offering are private, and by private I mean that you need to be a friend to view them. This reminds me a lot about Facebook, you got the public profile and everything else is private, well sort of private.

At the moment Yuwie got 68,624 members and there are 28,560 new members this month (wow, and we are only on the 15th of September). I am not sure when Yuwie was launched, but it`s still in beta and when you see how many members they have in total and how many members they received this month, well, it can`t be more than a few months since it launched to the public. If this sounds like an interesting social network to you, joining today might be something you should consider.

If you want to join Yuwie, you can join using Noel`s affiliate link. You got nothing to lose, well, except for a lot of time, because Yuwie is 100% free to join and use. I guess they earn a lot of money from advertisers, like Google AdSense, because how else can they afford to pay all of their members for everything they do?

I find Yuwie to be interesting and it`s a social network, maybe there are too many of them (because they are all very similar), but Yuwie might be the only one that actually pays all members to use them? By doing that, they might survive for a long time, at least if more and more people join them along with more and more advertisers.

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