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Your Landing Page Should Be At Your Blog

Yesterday I finished creating my very first landing page using wordpress. This means that the landing page is located on my blog (yes, the blog you’re reading this very minute). I used wordpress to create it, and it’s actually almost an ordinary page on my blog, except it’s not visible in the menu.

The only difference to an ordinary page on my blog, is that I’ve used a landing page template in order to create the page. The reason it’s a different template, is that I’m not using a menu, or any distractions in the sidebar (actually, I’m not using a sidebar at all). The landing page is all about one thing, and that’s convincing people to submit their name and email address in order to get a free chapter of Traffic Roots and many free marketing tutorials.

So far, I’m using the landing page as part of my Pay Per Click campaign using Google AdWords.

Take a look at the landing page.

I bought WordPress Landing Page Templates (12 landing page templates for wordpress blogs), and I picked one of the templates to create the landing page. Read the review of the templates at marketingflop.

There are six reasons why I am using a landing page at my blog:

1. Fast
2. Easy
3. Traffic
4. Extensions
5. Statistics
6. Support


It didn’t take me more than five minutes to install the template and be up and running. Then, writing, adding the image and the AWeber subscription form was just as fast (well, the editing might take some time, but that’s another story).


It’s easy to maintain the landing page. If I want to add content or remove content, I just log in to my blog and maintain everything from there. It’s just as easy as writing a blog post.


It’s more likely that I’ll drive traffic to a landing page created by WordPress than if it’s a static html page. Google loves WordPress.


I can add way more functionality by using plugins. There are many awesome plugins for social marketing (sharing the landing page) and for search engine optimization (SEO). Using plugins on my landing page will help traffic.


It’s easy to use web statistics and track my visitors when I use my landing page on wordpress. I have installed StatPress (a plugin for statistics on my blog) and Google Analytics.


The WordPress community is large and people are very helpful. If I’ve a problem with WordPress, it usually takes less than 10 minutes before I’ll get an answer from somebody at a discussion forum.

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