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Your Car Tells a Story – about You

I love to write, and I love marketing, and the reason I love both, is because they’re both part of storytelling.

I am an amateur when it comes to writing, but I am doing my best to become better at it. I have published Fuzzy on Amazon, and I’m almost finished writing a novel. To me, storytelling is an integrated part of any type of marketing.

What many don’t realize about storytelling is that either:

That’s marketing and storytelling 101. And one of the reasons why I wrote Marketing Made Simple.

Passionate about cars

I don’t have a passion for cars. To me, cars are more or less a way to get where I need to go – if I’m not walking. I don’t drive every single day. I don’t drive every week, and sometimes I don’t drive for a month. But, I walk everywhere.

But, I am fascinated by cars, and I am fascinated by the people who’re passionate about cars. That’s why, a few weeks ago, I decided to attend a show for car enthusiasts.

When I’m doing things I wouldn’t normally do, I discover that it helps me become more creative – and, it’s actually a lot of fun.

american cars part 1

I was watching the cars, and I recognized a few, but what I really did was creating stories about the owners of the cars.

I looked at this car.

american car part 3

I looked at this car.

american cars part 3

I looked at this car.

american cars part 4

I looked at this car.

american cars part 5

And this car.

american cars part 6

When you’re looking at all of the incredible cars, you might think that the show is really about the cars.

But, it’s not.

It’s always about people

I was looking at the cars, but I could have been looking at pets, tents, or airplanes or I could have been attending a wine tasting seminar. It doesn’t matter.

It’s always about people.

There wouldn’t be any cars, pets (they would just be called animals), airplanes, wine, tents or boats without people.

No matter what you do, it’s always about people.

That’s why I always say, no matter what you do when it comes to marketing, always focus on people.

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