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You Will Fail

If you are going to be successful you will also fail at some of your attempts. Even when you have become successful, you will probably experience failure. I have a great example for you:

A few months ago I found a [tag]niche[/tag] that I thought I try out. I signed up for it and started to build my site, I spent probably 3-4 hours to get things ready. I started to read about the niche and everything was ready, but then I realized that with this business that I joined we had [tag]AdSense[/tag] “automatically” installed, and that it would be hard to earn enough [tag]money[/tag] from just selling the e-book without the extra income from AdSense (and as you might already know, my account has been deactivated).

I looked at many alternatives, but I couldn´t find one that would pay me as good as AdSense. The point is that the ads should be related to my niche and not just some generic ads.

I had bought the .net .biz .com and .org domain, and was ready for take off. But nothing happened as I realized that I probably wouldn´t earn enough without AdSense, and I can´t get an account at [tag]Yahoo[/tag], because then I would have to be a US citizen.

That failure cost me about $50.

The niche was greenhouse growing.

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