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You should try Opera 9.5

I am at the train from Oslo to Halden, and I just read that the new version of Opera, the fastest browswer on earth, has been released.

So, what I am doing at the moment, is testing Opera 9.5 while I am at the train (LOL)

I have tested the beta version for a few days, and it is fast, and the final version is fast (or maybe faster, I don’t know).

I am not only using it because Opera is a Norwegian company, but that’s probably why I downloaded it and started testing it a while ago.


To me, it seems that Opera has all the features of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Earlier, the only problem (a fairly big problem) was that a lof of the websites I visited with Opera didn’t show correctly.

I have read somewhere that this isn’t Opera’s fault, because they are following every standard there is, they even aced the acid 3 test.

I am not sure if this has changed or not, but so far, I haven’t found any problems.


If you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox (or Safari), then test the new version of Opera and tell me what you think.

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