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You Should Read Yes Man

One little word can change your life.

While I was on vacation, I read two books, one of the books was a very funny one. I am not sure if Yes Man, the book I am referring to, is as funny as Join Me or not. But if it’s not as funny, then it’s a really close call. Because Yes Man is a hilarious book, and I really recommend that you read it.

Both books, Join Me and Yes Man, is written by Danny Wallace. And I remember that when I read Join Me, I had some of the same thoughts as I got when reading Yes Man. Did all this stuff really happen to him?

So, what is it all about?

You probably guessed it already. It’s about Danny Wallace, a quite normal guy, with a rather dull life. One day something happens to him. I am not going to reveal anything though, but he starts to say yes to everything… and this will be going on for several months.

Of course, saying yes to everything, every opportunity, a lot will happen. And of course, this is why the book is hilarious.

On the other hand, the book has some really good points. We should all say yes more, we should always have a yes ready, but we can and sometimes we should, turn a yes to a no.

There is especially one paragraph of the book that I think is worth remembering.

It’s funny writing a diary. We assume that all the experiences are our own. That we’re unique, and they’re unique to us. But every thought we’ve ever had, everything we’ve ever said, every time we’ve surprised ourselves with a new experience or idea, every memory we’ve made, every story we’ve heard or told or been part of… it’s already happened before.

If you rather wait for the movie, then you actually won’t have to wait that long. It will be showing in a theatre near you sometime soon, and Jim Carrey will be playing Danny Wallace.

But I recommend that you read the book first, and then go watch the movie.

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