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You Should Never Give Up Your Quest For Success

This is a personal story by Des Thomas of Internet Marketing Informer.

About 8 years ago I started investigating how to make money online, and signed up for a newsletter from a well-known marketing company. While I was still searching around, I got a call from this company, where they asked if I had an online business, and if not, would I be interested in being mentored to start one?

They were very skilled at appealing to my need for money, which I was at the time. They told me that I was being picked especially for this mentoring, but I had to use my credit card as leverage to pay for it. And of course, I would make more than enough money, eventually I would be in profit.

The salesman was very smooth and passed me on to his superior (or so he said), who convinced me to invest $4000 for this course.

Me being easily persuaded, paid up even though I didn’t have all the money.

I started this course with telephone calls from my mentor, who instructed me in the use of Keywords. The guy was totally uninterested in me and my work and even on one call, couldn’t remember who I was. He kept telling me how much money he was making.

After a month, I discovered that I should have received a course manual, software and a lot more information. This arrived like 6 weeks into the training, and not 1 but 2 packs arrived. By this time I was having trouble understanding what my mentor was talking about, but that was because I didn’t have any course material to refer to.

During the few months that the “training” calls took place, my Internet access was down for 5 weeks due to a problem with the phone line. I had to go to other peoples houses to use their Internet. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I learned very little from this company and the last phone call was just to wish me good luck with my business.

What business? I didn’t have one .

I continued to follow the so called “gurus” and to receive their e-mails etc., but did nothing about it until September 2007. That’s when I received an e-mail by one that was advertising a course by a guy that lived fairly close to my house. It was not very expensive and I had the $450 to pay for it.

Great, I joined up and started in September 2007.

I learned how to ftp and started my first blog. But by December I started to have second thoughts about the course as the information and teaching went from bad to worse. The teacher was always telling us how much money he had made and that he was best friend of the top “Gurus” .

There seemed to be a core of 6 people on the course that had the best blogs and won the competitions he offered, which started to ring alarm bells with me. I had some experience with one of the members from earlier, and she already had a steady and successful business. I was wondering what she was doing taking this course, it just didn’t make any sense. I investigated the others, and found that they also had thriving online businesses.

That was when I understood that it was all a scam. Still, I wanted to carry on blogging as I enjoyed it.

I joined a new site for beginners to blogging and followed all their videos and information, which I thought was very good. I had 3 blogs, but still didn’t made any money. This course had taken me as far as I could go with them, so I cancelled my account and signed up for Yaro’s course (Blog Mastermind) this week.

So here I am with 3 blogs and waiting for the next lesson to move forward and learn more about blogging and how to build it into a business. I don’t intend to give up, but will keep on learning from my mistakes and from information from this course and hope to one day make it as a blogger.

So, before you take any sort of mentoring or training, do some background checking first. That way, you don’t get ripped off by these so called “marketers”.

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