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You just earned commission

I hate this! I just have to let out some steam. I receive many e-mails every single day (an incredible amount). I do not read all of them, my filters handle most of them and I just quickly look at the headlines for the few that get through. After a few years in the business I can now kind of quickly see what is spam or an ad and not interesting to me.

Even though I now this is not interesting, I just can´t seem to stop being irritating of people sending ads with headlines like “You just earned commission”. I hardly ever open them, because I know who sends me the real e-mail with similar headlines. I know many people opens an e-mail like that, and then they will read something like this (and this is actually from the latest e-mail I received with that header):

You could get lots of “commission earned” emails and Achieve the Freedom of Financial Stability!

Please stop! I hope affiliates sending this will not earn any commission from it. This is just trying to trick people into opening the e-mail, and tricks like this shouldn´t last.

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