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Yes Man and Incredimail

A few days before Christmas, I watched the new Jim Carrey movie called Yes Man. I had to watch it, because I thought that the book was probably one of the funniest books I have ever read. Now, it was time for Jim Carrey, not my favorite actor, but I always end up having a few laughs when watching his movies.

I enjoyed Yes Man the movie as well, not as much as the book, but enough to recommend it. What surprised me though was that I saw him use IncrediMail when checking email at his office. It was really easy to see that it was IncrediMail, it was like it was meant to be visible.

The Yes Man could have used any email client, so why go with the fairly unknown IncrediMail?

I thought about this after the movie ended, and I have three answers:

1. IncrediMail is different, it’s sort of a creative email. They use a lot of sounds and animations, and some people find it to be really cool. I figured that it might be part of the plot, maybe he used Microsoft Outlook untill he received an offer to download Incredimail, and of course, he couldn’t say no. IncrediMail is then the email client for Yes people.

2. IncrediMail is product placement. The company paid for their email client to be used in the movie. I find this hard to believe though, because this is a major studio movie from Hollywood, and it’s probably very expensive to do product placements. To my knowledge, Incredimail does not have that many followers and the company doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on advertisments. But what do I know, maybe they have?

3. What’s more likely is that some of the guys on the set, maybe even Danny Wallace (the author), are using Incredimail and love it. They wanted it to be featured, because they want more people to start using it.

I tested IncrediMail a few years ago, I liked it, but in the end, it was to annoying. I wanted something plain and simply, yet powerful. I am using the Apple Mail client. Go watch the movie, and see if you’ll spot Incredimail.

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