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Yes, I bought Marketing Explosion

Yesterday I did something I almost never do. I bought something without spending more than 2 minutes reading the offer. That was partly because I didn’t have more time than the two minutes and because the offer was both cheap and very tempting.

The offer was from two well-known marketers and it was something new that I hadn’t seen before. The men behind it are Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason. They have a brand new product called marketing explosion, and this is really something that I had to get my hands on as an online marketer.

Not that I want it to earn a lot of money from it, by being an affiliate and sending it to my list and so on. The main reason why I bought it was that I want to learn all the “secrets” that they can teach me. You get many hours of audio on how to become a really successful marketer. And to the price I paid, well, I can’t say that I have seen something like this anywhere close to that price.

I started to listen to the first audio this morning, the quality is great and I have really enjoyed myself listening. I have learned several really interesting things already, and that’s just after about 20 minutes. For a person like myself, a person who thinks of himself as a student and want to learn mostly anything about marketing, I think that this marketing explosion is just perfect. It’s something everybody can afford and you don’t have to think twice about getting it, because it’s worth the price and then some.

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