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Year End and the New Year – Time To Share Business Memories Again!

end of the year

I haven’t done much to prepare myself for the new year, well, other than focusing on healthy habits. I didn’t do much for my clients either. I have just hustled like I’ve always done to help them with marketing, and so far, that’s about it. I do believe that we should have a different focus when it comes to the end of the year. I’m just not there yet. And, that’s why I really enjoyed this guest post from Steven Papas.

It got me thinking.


It’s that time of the year when we uncontrollably go into self-appraisal; thinking through our personal and business lives and trying to figure out what we did right and those that went wrong. For most people, it calls for celebration after going through their annual achievements. However, for others, it’s a period of wishes and moment of marking things they’d done differently.

As important as this seems, there is still one last factor we all need to pay attention to; our business contacts. These could be your business partners, affiliates, clients or customers; whichever people fall into this category for you, should be part of your exit plan last year and your entry into the New Year.

Giving Your Business a Personal Touch

This moment, among other celebration ridden periods of the year, is a time when loved ones and people who share common interests exchange gifts and spend time together. What could this mean to your business? It’s simple; time to give your business a personal facelift. What’s your opinion on gift giving? If you are undecided, read this article. People naturally develop a sort of affinity towards individuals and businesses that have some personal attachment with them. And the best way to introduce that affinity is by giving your business a personal facelift – which is what the yuletide and new year season presents to all of us. People get emotional during seasons like this and you can take advantage of it to the benefit of your business.
How do you do this? Simply connect and introduce yourself to their personal lives. I used this strategy last year and it didn’t only work perfectly well, but helped me start up this year with a good list of clients waiting on my order list. I will go into details in a while, but first, lets us examine while most people lose business contacts.

Why People Lose Valuable Business Contacts

While there may of a lot of reasons to this effect, the major one standing at the top is lack of communication. Most people never get in touch with their business contacts until they need a favour. Don’t get me wrong, this is rather natural – especially in this busy time, but you’ve got to think of your business first. There is a slogan that’s common with email marketers… “a subscriber is equivalent to $1 per annum”. This is a ridiculous statement that most online marketers have found to be true. But you probably know what it takes to build a good list and nurture it to profitability. So if you’ve made any business contact last year, which could be your buyer list, those experts or colleagues you met in seminars, business workshops or through any other physical or online platform, don’t wait until you need their help before communicating with them,. In fact, this is a perfect time to break the silence and surprise them with a warm message recounting a shared business memory.

Okay, here’s how I’d do this!

The Best Way to Warm Your Business Contacts

Amidst every other promotional message, JV invites, season’s greetings and other communications I send my business contacts from time to time, I have never missed the unique opportunity that the end of year and the following New Year celebration provide. And it’s been amazing. Believe me, this is the perfect time to send a touching message across to all your business contacts. While congratulating them on their achievements the previous year and showing them you are also interested in the success of their personal lives, it also helps keep your business in their memory at the onset of the following year. And here is eve the favorite part; if those are business contacts, I normally create an enticing online photo book off our JV meetings, seminars and workshop pictures with perfect descriptions to refresh such moments in their memory and send it to each one of them. And for my customer list, I often send them some free items or discount offers. Or perhaps negotiate them a handy coupon to a valuable product I know they’d like; accompanied with a short brochure of my services and business intents for the New Year. This has worked for me. And guess what, I did it again this year. If you didn’t do anything like this or perhaps sent your contacts a warming message to refresh the memory of your business in their mind this New Year, it’s never too late to do so.

Author Bio

Steven is the owner of, a review site on major security software and other service sites. When he’s not updating his website, he hangs out on twitter @StevenPapas.

4 responses to “Year End and the New Year – Time To Share Business Memories Again!”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hi Steven, A warm welcome to you here at Sly Marketing. You are so exactly right. The personal touch is so important. Don’t just try to sell. Your relationship will be much stronger if you show that you care about your customers. I love your idea about the New Year’s photo book with images from meetings you’ve had with your customer. Good point, that gift serves many purposes, including reminding the customer of the value you added.

    Best wishes for much continued success, Steven. Thanks for sharing your insights with us!

    • Steven Papas says:

      Thanks Carolyn!

      Many people are too desperate for money and forget that their business contacts and email lists are but ordinary individuals like them who deserve some care and support. Many a times we tend to focus on how much money these contacts can help us make. But things are rapidly changing and people nowadays tend to buy more from people they trust. I wrote this article to teach and show us a good way of earning this trust.

      I am glad you read through it, Carolyn. You’ve got a nice article on Dropbox there 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Shane Curtis says:

    I am also engaging myself into a much healthier habits recently because of my diabetes. Anyway, I wanted to say something about lack of communication that can result into losing valuable business contacts. Just 2 months ago, my friend’s company had closed his business because of that exact problem. He’s losing his clients because of not responding to emails. I don’t know what had happened to him but he suddenly became broke and I don’t know what was his reason.

    • Steven Papas says:

      Hi Shane!
      It’s a pity that your friend is guilty of this attitude. You see, there is only one ‘Manager’ in any company, and that’s the ‘Customer’. If you treat your customers bad, they will simply take their money somewhere else. And that’s exactly why your friend is broke.

      Thanks for bringing this here, Shane. Its a lesson for all of us.

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