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Xbox Viral Campaign

A few days ago I wrote a short post about viral marketing, just something about that viral marketing is a big thing today and will also be it in the future. Today I read something interesting in a book with the name “Blog Marketing” written by Jeremy Wright. It was a story about how Xbox used a very successful viral marketing campaign to launch a new game (I think it was Halo 2).

What they did was this; at the end of the trailers of Halo 2 it showed the URL to a website When you visited the website you came to a rather unknown honey manufacturer, I actually just visited the site and it was still the honey manufacturer.

At the site you got a mind game and the countdown to some unknown event. It was something that people didn’t understand right away, it was something cryptic, something weird and something new. People started to engage to solve this game and it created a big buzz all across the world.

The reason the viral campaign was so successful? It was probably because everybody loves a mystery.

I am not sure why people did share it with other people (because that’s what viral marketing is all about), but they probably did because they wanted help to solve the puzzle. The more minds at work, the easier the task.

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