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Writing Articles for your Marketing campaigns

I think that this marketing technique is used by most successful Internet marketers, at least they did it before they become famous. Once famous, they really don`t need to do much other than create a buzz in the blogosphere. The marketing technique I am trying to describe is nothing new, but it works great and you will receive a huge amount of traffic if you do it right.

Most people will do some research before they buy anything online, they are looking for answers; about a product, about a business or about a solution to a problem. People are using the Internet for information, that`s a fact. What you should do is provide information on a problem that your product or service will solve.

Writing an article about a problem is a great way to get massive exposure, and you should do it this way:

Everything you do, and especially when it comes to writing articles, should be of top quality. You might attract readers with poor quality articles, but if they get dissapointed, they will probably not read any more of what you publish in the future and they will not likely stick around for your products (or blog posts).

If you don`t like writing or if you just don`t have the time, or you just can`t figure out how to write a good quality article, you could hire a ghost writer. There are several sites where you can get one, and they might not be that expensive:

Once you have finished writing your article, or your ghost writer finished wirting it, you need to publish it. You want as many people as possible to read it. Instead of publishing it on your blog or some website, you should submit it to various directories:

There are hundreds of different directories, and my advice is that you try to find some on your own as well. You can submit your articles manually to them, or you can use an article submission software. By using an article submission software, the software will submit your articles for you. This will save you a lot of time, and you will probably find many directories that you would not have found on your own. It might be a very profitable investment.

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