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Wow – A Network Marketing Video blog

A few minutes ago I was ready, not to watch a new blog, but to be out jogging. I had my outfit on, the only thing missing was my shoes. And what did I do? I just had to check my e-mail, I don`t know why I am doing things like that, because something always happens that makes me stop whatever plans I might have. Today, I received an e-mail from Aaron Benton.

He told me about his brand new video blog about network marketing and he asked me if I could check it out. And of course, after reading his e-mail I had to click on the link to his blog, I couldn΄t wait until I got back from my exercise. And there it was, Netmark Newscast.

Only three posts, as far as I can see, but the videos are so professional and Aaron Benton seems to be born to be on a TV show or at least make his own shows. His voice is perfect, at least for me, because I am a Norwegian and I can understand every word he is saying, and he looks (well, how should I put it) rather good as well, he doesn`t have to be on the radio πŸ™‚

By now you probably understand that it took a while before I started jogging, but I did jog and it was a great exercise. Anyway…

It`s rather difficult to do a review of a brand new blog with only three posts, but this blog has potential to become a very popular one. There are a lot of people interested in network marketing, and as far as I know and according to Aaron as well, his blog is the first video blog about network marketing.

I think that the popularity of his blog or vlog will depend on what he will be doing with his videos. I really like the humor, just take a look at his latest video, a letter of admiration to Ann Sieg. But should he be doing humor at all posts or should he be concentrating on something completely different?

Take a look at Darren Rowse and Yaro Starak, two very successful bloggers who have started publishing their own videos as well. They are very personal when it comes to their videos, Darren Rowse have even been showing us his office and what kind of equipments he is using to write his blog. Should Aaron be doing stuff like that?

No, I believe that in order to be successful, Aaron need to be different. He will need to make his own type of videos and get his own audience (if you know what I mean). He could be doing the humor thing in all posts, but they need to be funny, really funny and can he keep them funny enough all through the year? And another problem he might run into is that visitors to a blog, they want either to be entertained (and they will be if he stays funny) or they want to learn something (how to make money), it`s really more complicated than that, but I hope you understand what I am getting at.

If Aaron stays funny, he can be an entertainer for the whole network marketing community of the world, and that`s a lot of people. If not, he will have to do videos (or posts) about how to earn money or how to build a list or how to become successful in network marketing, and way too many people are already doing that.

The moral of the story is; please stay funny Aaron πŸ™‚

Visit Netmark Newscast today

5 responses to “Wow – A Network Marketing Video blog”

  1. V. Neely says:

    Well, it would at least be amusing to see a sign or a T-shirt like that at a political rally. πŸ™‚

  2. Rosalyn says:

    Hey there!!! It was my husband and I who made that Bench It Like Beckham banner. We were hoping he would be there to physically see it, but I’m sure he’s seen it by now. I had no idea I’d be seeing it all over the net and TV like that! I came up with the phrase (not that it was a hard one to come up with thanks to the movie title) and the hubby painted it. As an afterthought I did kind of wish we put our names on it at least, and the URL for our FC Dallas supporters group. We even left the banner there after the game so who knows who has it now πŸ™‚ I’m glad something of mine had its 15 seconds of fame though πŸ™‚ Pretty cool. πŸ™‚

  3. Jens says:

    Hi Rosalyn

    ThatΒ΄s funny. I never thought you would actually visit my blog. Thanks!

    And keep up the great job, and remember to put your name or the URL of your supporter group the next time πŸ™‚

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