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Would Advertisments on my Feet work?

During my summer vacation, my family and I went to some kind of a playhouse (I am not sure what to call it). It was a huge building with all sorts of toys, slides, trampolines and fun stuff for the kids. My two kids had a awesome time.

At this playhouse, all visitors had to take off their shoes and because it was summer, most people had no socks on. After a little while, I found myself looking at feet. I usually don`t do that, but at this place I looked at them because I knew that everybody had to take off their shoes.

At first I was only looking to see if someone was wearing shoes inside or not. But then, it got me thinking about a new method of advertising.

What if I had advertisements on my feet, how many people would see them?


It would be interesting to test this kind of advertising at the beach as well. The ad didn`t have to be big at all, just a small logo or a text or even a URL.

Maybe people are staring more at feet than I have realized?

13 responses to “Would Advertisments on my Feet work?”

  1. David Rauschuber says:

    Site Stealer is 404 Advertising.. and yes it works.

    Basicaly your purchasing old or expired domains and pulling the 404 on them.

    San Antonio

  2. Jens says:

    Thanks for the information.

    But will Site Stealer also provide you with the contents for the 404, or will you be using AdSense for that?

  3. Jens says:


    I have no idea, since I haven’t tried the product myself. But hopefully someone else will help you out, maybe David will?

  4. Jens says:

    This might just be the affiliate site, for a person promoting the site stealer affiliate program.

    According to David the Site Stealer is all about 404 marketing, and that is buying domain names from successful sites with a lot of traffic and maybe redirecting the traffic you get from that to your own business (maybe AdSense?).

  5. jeremy says:

    i need details on excatly what you do with the site stealer and how much money you will make before trying te product

  6. jeremy says:

    so what you are doing is buying old domains and gettin that traffic there to your own bussiness(website) thats just like buying traffic. no help for me

  7. Jens says:

    I am just guessing here. But I would think that the “secret” is in how to buy domains that are perfect for your business / niche…

  8. Jens says:

    Oh, I didn´t know that.

    …but don´t give up, there are many opportunities that will help you make money online.

  9. jeremy says:

    no its not i have the product nothing but a old e-book, a good e-book kinda likes rich jerks e-book no hope of making money online but im not gone give up

  10. Chris Morris says:

    It’s not buying expired domains…did you even go through the package?

    Not likely.

  11. Jens says:

    I said I was just guessing 🙂

    But when David wrote (see above) that it was 404 advertising I guessed it would be about either buying expired domains or misspelled domains.

  12. Jens says:

    Thanks Rex,

    This information was very interesting. I thought it was all about 404 advertising and buying expired domains.

  13. Tony says:


    Your site that you posted to turn the tables, does that have the same products as on Sal’s site?

    This is one I have been following around the net for 2 weeks trying to gain insight.

    I have noticed site of similar copy but when opening side by side noticed slight variations.

    Thanks guys, very informative.

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