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Is this worth every penny?

I just received an ad in my inbox, telling me that now I can buy an Amazing Secret Weapon Any Serious Website Owner, Affiliate Marketer, or SEO Expert Would KILL to Possess! And of course, I just had to click on the link to see what kind of product that I would literally kill to possess.

The words in the e-mail promised me the world, but the website promises even more 🙂

“Instantly Unleash The Explosive Power Hidden Behind This Well-Guarded Secret To Dominating Key Search Engine Rankings In Under 7 Days Using This Embarrassingly Simple ‘Backdoor’ Shortcut!”

I can actually dominate key search engine rankings in less than 7 days. This sounds incredible.

This product called Press Equalizer costs $77 (at the moment). It might be a good product, but when they use such incredible bold statements, I get scared and not more likely to buy the product. And $77 is not that cheap, well depends on the product I guess. But I don`t throw $77 away just to test something. If a product is really good, they should have a free trial or at least a very cheap trial period.

You can check the website of Press Equalizer here.

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