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The World´s Most Powerful List Builder?

I am actually a little proud this time. I am posting information about this brand new viral list building tool as I am receiving my first three e-mails about it. It looks like “everybody” will be sending out offers right now regarding the new list building program from Gary Ambrose.

I have no doubt in my mind that this probably is a great list building tool, and we all need a huge list don´t we? Gary Ambrose is a well-known online marketer, and this program looks interesting.

One sentence caught my attention. “You Can Send THOUSANDS of Messages Every Day … But Will NEVER Get More Than 20”.

But how does it work?

According to the sales page:

“That’s because this system works on a 3 x 15 matrix. What’s that? When you sign up, you will be placed ‘under’ the person who referred you – or if his/her 3 slots are already filled, in the next available vacant slot.

When you refer someone to the program, that person will be placed under YOU – until your 3 slots are filled, when they’ll be moved to the next vacant slot. The same holds true for everyone at every level of the program… with ONE exception.

Some marketers will BUY the right to email the members of this system. They will then be able to mail ANY level of members – but the system is set up to never mail more than 5 messages a day to an individual member under this system.”

I am not going to bore you with all my thoughts about it, because I haven´t signed up and I don´t know much about the system (other than what I have read on the sales page). But what you must understand is that by using this system, you are using List Bandit to e-mail your list and you are using List Bandit to build your list. I am not sure if you can get access to your list and export your list into another software like an autoresponder. Well, it might say on the sales page, but I haven´t read it yet.

Visit List Bandit

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