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Words that “Forces” You to Buy

Sometimes a few words, a sentence on a website, can make the big difference whether you will buy a product or not.

No matter how good the sales page is, a few words can be the big difference.

I will give you one example, and you will find this example on almost all the good sales pages, most professional online marketers are using similar words.

I got one problem with it, and I will tell you in a minute.

Click on the sales page for Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits. Now, take a look at the sentence just below his signature:

PS. Get in NOW before the price skyrockets to $97.00 soon!

The price for the product is only $27 if you act now, but it will skyrocket to $97 soon. If the reader is in doubt whether to buy it or not, he or she will think fast. A price increase from $27 to $97 is a lot.

Ewen Chia will, by adding this sentence, make people decide fast. It’s all about pshychology and how our minds work. We are all looking for bargains, we want the products cheap as possible. As soon as we see something with a low price, compared to the original price, our minds start acting faster than usual.

Showing your readers that the price is a lot lower than it should be, by using words like; your Total Investment Is Just A Measly $1,997.00 $797.00, $297.00, $97.00, $27 For Everything! will transform your reader from a regular visitor to a buyer.

But as I said, I have a problem with this kind of marketing and the use of Internet marketing triggers. The problem is not using them per se, but as with Ewen Chia’s Autopilot Profits, the price will skyrocket to $97 soon! Well, it has been monhts and the price is still $27, when is soon or will the price always be $27?

I think that a lot of people using the words that sell, are only using them because they sell. They have no intention of increasing the price or removing the offer, at least not anytime soon. I am not saying that Ewen Chia is not going to do something about this one, but I have looked at it for months now, and I think it was a good example.

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