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WordPress themes optimized for Adsense

I am using adsense on my blog and I am running wordpress. I had to hack (or what you call it) my theme to find a place for the ads from Google. Now you can actually get themes for wordpress that are optimized for Google adsense. Weblog Tools Collection asked the following question: “has anyone put together a set of themes for WordPress that makes clever (highly optimized, targeted) use of AdSense and/or other advertising media?” You should check out some of the comments.

If you can´t seem to find the right theme for your blog, you really want adsense integrated and you don´t know how, I have something for you. There is actually a plugin to adsense that will do the job for you. I have never tested it myself, but it looks easy to install and it seems to be working very well. Check out Acme Technologies Zeitgeist for AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin.

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  1. Jens says:

    This is all public information, no problem if you wanted to list everything.

    But I don´t understand why I have Google Links: 0 and MSN Links: 0


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