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I just received an email about a new “system” that will help you earn money online. The system is called WordPress Niche Blogs and it´s all about using WordPress and various niches to build your empire online. I read the sales message and the site and it seems interesting, even though there are thousands of similar sites on the Internet, I haven´t seen any system that uses wordpress like this.

…but there are a few things that I don´t get. At the moment it costs $17 a month to become a member (the price will soon be higher), and you will receive three new niches every month included in the price. But would I have to install a new wordpress blog for each new niche? If so, I would have to install three new wordpress blogs every month? I am not sure if this is how it´s done, but it seems like it.

$17 a month is not much, so it would be interesting to give it a try, just for a few months. But I have another question, will I receive updated content for my niche blogs each month also, or will I get a one time static content that I will fill my blog with? Not sure how this works.

And I am not sure if this system will be great or not… you be the judge.

Visit WordPress Niche Blogs.

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