sly : marketing – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

Chris Abraham walks you through how to join the fastest-growing and most elegant free blogging services, Go from the simple acts of joining all the way through set up and administration. Become a blogger in few than 45-minutes. Most folks only need the first 15 minutes to get you started. Chris is a professional blogging instructor. Enjoy!

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  1. Tony Rush says:

    Rod Cook is an industry veteran with alot of insight on comp plans, industry news, etc. But, I have serious doubts about his ability to offer accurate commentary as an “MLM Watchdog”. His site has a tabloid-style nature that makes it very difficult for the average visitor to distinguish between facts and his opinions.

    Watchdog sites are all over the Net and I’ve not found one that I feel offers an objective view of the industry based solely on court cases and legal precedents. The writer’s bias toward certain pay plans or companies always seems to surface and make the information dubious at best.

    Great site you’ve got here….

    Tony Rush

  2. omnipend says:

    Thanks Tony for enlightening me and for the comments about the site.


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