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Word of Mouth Marketing and Drew Barrymore

To me, when I think of word of mouth marketing I always end up thinking about movies. I hear all the reviews from friends of mine before I deicde if I am going to watch a movie or not.

I read newspapers and watch some critics at TV as well, but listening to my friends is by far the best review I can get. They will always tell me the truth, and I know what sort of movies they like and I know that if they like a certain movie, then I will probably like it as well.

And just when I finished watching The Bourne Ultimatum a few days ago, I thought about another movie that I really enjoyed. This movie had some great tips when it comes to word of mouth marketing (and that’s the reason I thought about it) and it was funny and a little romantic as well.

The movie was My Date With Drew, and it was about one guy with a dream. He wanted a date with Drew Barrymore. He was a normal guy, without cash (and as far as I remember he didn’t even have a job). If he was going to get the date with Drew Barrymore he had to spread the word, and he needed all the help he could get. Help from family, friends, friends of friends and people he didn’t know at all.

I am not going to reveal anything, but the movie was interesting and if you think about the marketing, well, we can all learn something from watching it. If a normal guy, like you and me, can get a date with Drew Barrymore by using word of mouth marketing, you know that he did do something right.

Oh no, I just revealed the ending 🙂

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