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Windows Vista – the soft drink

What do you do when you want to promote something that everybody is talking about and everybody is waiting for, but never seems to come out when it´s suppose to? Well, maybe that´s the wrong way to put it, but I think Microsoft has a good idea, even though I am not sure why they are doing it.

They have launched a soda called Windows Vista, to my knowledge it´s only available at Microsoft (maybe even only at the headquarters). They have an internal web address on it, where people working at Microsoft can read more about the new OS.

This is interesting. Maybe this is a way to do it at large corporations?

When we want our colleagues at other departments to notice something, just launch a new soda with the name of the new system/the new department/ the new whatever. And if the soda is free, everybody will drink it and everybody will notice it.

When Microsoft launches it, not only the colleagues notices it, but the whole world.

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