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Windows Vista Beta Screenshots

I just looked at some screenshots of the newly released Windows Vista beta. It looks really nice, but I agree with Lifehacker that it looks a lot like OSX. But again, OSX is an awesome system, no wonder why Microsoft is adopting this.

Be sure to check out the screenshots at Lifehacker.

2 responses to “Windows Vista Beta Screenshots”

  1. Darren says:

    Actually – you can appeal their decisions. They have a system where you can appeal and it goes to another department within Google to double check the reasons you’ve been banned for. I’ve heard of some cases where things were reversed on further explanation.

    In most cases they do not tell you the reason you’ve been banned for in much detail because if they did they could be giving sensitive information on how they operate to click fraudsters. I know this is frustrating for publishers but if they told everyone why they were banned then people trying to cheat the system would know how to get around it next time.

  2. omnipend says:


    I didn´t know that it was possible to appeal. When I got banned I wrote them several emails and I just received information that I could not get any information of why I was banned, due to their sensitive information and so on.

    They should have a system to tell everybody who got banned that they can appeal the decision.

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