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Will Voting On Facebook Social Ads Help You?

Have you noticed the two thumbs on the Facebook social ads lately? They have been put there in order for you to vote on the ads. Click on “thumbs up” if you like the advertisement, or click on the “thumbs down” if you don’t like it (looks kind of like the thumbs at StumbleUpon)

When you click, you will receive a pop-up with several options. For instance, if you decide to click on the thumbs down, they’ll ask you why you didn’t like the ad, was it because it was: misleading, offensive, pornographic, uninteresting, irrelevant, repetitive or any other reason?

But will voting on advertisements help you?

If you decide to vote with thumbs down on advertisements you don’t like, what will happen?

You might not see this particular advertisement again, other people like you might not see it again (I am just guessing, but I think it will be related to which groups you are a member of). You might not see related advertisements again. If you decide to vote thumbs up, you might see more advertisements like the ones you voted on.

If you decide to vote, you will get more targeted advertisements. Advertisements that might actually make you buy or join something. Is that necessarily a good thing? Well, for Facebook it is.

And as soon as you vote “thumbs down” on one of the advertisements, it will get replaced by another (not related) advertisement. So, it’s all about getting targeted advertisements to you as fast as possible.

But what does this mean for advertisers on Facebook?

It means either that advertisers with poorly targeted advertisements or “bad” advertisements will have to pay a lot more for their advertisements to be shown. Or they may actually never get their advertisements shown or be banned from Facebook entirely.

Voting on advertisements sounds like a good idea, but I just don’t think of it as something people will be doing. Because think about it, why should we? One reason I don’t want to be participating (helping Facebook), is because I am not allowed to vote on many of the big companies that are advertising on Facebook.

Just take a look at the large banners, they don’t have any thumbs up or down do they?

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