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Will the lightbox feature help me get more subscribers?

I have been wanting a lightbox popover for quite some time, and I actually thought about buying a scipt a while ago, just so I could test it.

The reason I want to test it, is that I think the lightbox effect is very cool and it will get a lot of attention to your subscription form.

Now, finally, AWeber has integrated the lightbox effect. I don’t have to buy it, and I have already started to test it.

To be honest with you, I started about 5 minutes ago

(it took me about two minutes to think of the content I am using for the popover, and it took me 15 seconds to write it – I will have to rewrite it tomorrow)

What do you think, will the lightbox feature help me get more subscribers?

The popover will only show once for every visitor, so if you have just seen it, you will never see it again (unless I am testing again, and I ted to do that quite often).

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