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Will Having Your Own Salesperson on Your Website Help You?

When you go to a regular store, you will see the people working there and you might ask them questions or at least you would have to pay them to purchase the goods or services that you buy. On the Internet itīs usually not like that, you never see the people behind the stores and if you do, there are usually just an image of them or sometimes you might actually see a video presentation of the store.

What if your website had a person who actually talked to your visitors. He or she was standing there on your site and saying stuff like “welcome to my website” and then giving them a short guide to how to use the website. Would having a “live” salesperson on your website help you or not?

Visiting a website is completely different than walking into a store or the library for that matter looking for some books. Should we treat Internet as different, or should we try as hard as possible to make our websites to be more like a regular shop or library experience? In some ways many sites are doing their best to help their visitors in a more creative way when it comes to the Internet, and this makes me think about what the most important part of a website really is?

I am not saying that itīs bad to try their best to get the “regular shop” experience, but itīs different. I am not sure if I like it or not. I donīt like it when I canīt turn it off and surf / navigate the way I am used to. I want to be able to turn off any sound / video or whatever they have created to turn their website into a creative experience.

You can visit this new home based business opportunity (Herbal Biz) and experience a “live” sales person. This guy turns your website into something different, but I am not sure if itīs good or bad.

If you really like it, and you are looking for your own sales person you can always use Site Pal (I am not an affiliate) and add a talking character to your website.

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