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Will begin to post e-mail ads

I am receiving tons of ads in my inbox every single day, I only read a few of them. Most of the ads are not spam, the reason I receive them is because I am on a lot of different lists. It´s not really a problem for me receiving all the ads, becuase I am filtering them and they are separated from “regular” e-mail.

Well, today just a few minutes after I woke up I thought that why not start posting some of the ads I receive? I will not gain anything by doing this, but you might. You will get to see new income opportunities on my site, and you get to chose for yourself which ones you find interesting enough to visit or join.

I will post the ad as it was written to me, I will only write a few words on the top to explain that this is an ad that I have nothing to do with. I am not sure if I am going to post the referral id of the person who sent me the email, if I do I will probably encourage spam to myself – something I obviously don´t want.

So, look out – soon you will see some interesting and some not so interesting ads in my new category/tag email ads

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