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WidgetBucks better than Chitika?

I received information from my Blog Mastermind mentor Yaro Starak today about a new and interesting system. This seems to be a lot like Chitika, where you can earn money by selling various products from their mall on your website and I also believe that you get paid per click. (You actually don`t need to sell anything)

I am not sure if WidgetBucks is all that different, but to me their ads looks a lot better than Chitika`s and it was a lot easier to join. I tried once at joining Chitika a while ago, and I was rejected. Not sure why, it could be because my blog was not product related or it could be because I didn`t have enough traffic at the time.

It seems that WidgetBucks is very professional, they got great design and some really cool features. I am not sure how new it really is, but to my knowledge they are “brand new”. The problem with a service like this is how much you can earn if you use it at a blog like mine, a blog not related to a specific product category.

I am not sure how this will work, and how successful it might be, but I might test it a few weeks to see.

At the moment I am just pleased that I was accepted at WidgetBucks after I was rejected at Chitika.

Are WidgetBucks any better than Chitika? The question should probably be more like “will WidgetBucks be any better than Chitika?” Because WidgetBucks is new, Chitika have been around for a while. I guess that only time will tell how successful WidgetBucks will be.

3 responses to “WidgetBucks better than Chitika?”

  1. Alan says:

    Hi Jens and thank fort he kind words. I would point out that in your article you missed the two new exciting features the relationship Builder and the Phone assistant.

    The Relationship builder is my favorite tool in the set as you can design your own plans of communication and the Relationship Builder automatically does it for your sending our emails, and scheduling tasks, calls, and appointments.

    The Phone assistant gives you everything you would want access to while on the phone with a contact on one screen.

    Thanks again for your article. If you have any questions my name is Alan and I am the CEO here at Oprius.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Alan,

    Thank you for the extra information. I hadnĀ“t looked at Oprius enough to comment on that.

    It seems that you have done a great job with Oprius and that it will be exciting to see what will happen after you launch it on the 17th.

  3. Alan says:

    Thanks! I am excited about the next year as we still have alot of development to do. What you are seeing now is just the beginning. The Product Advisory Board has mapped our a lgreat feature set still to be develople.

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