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Why Your Backlinks Should Be Relevant

Long term Internet marketing is always about creating backlinks. Backlinks will provide direct traffic to your websites (by people clicking on the links) and you’ll get indirect traffic via search engines.

Let me explain.

Backlinks are important for ranking in search engines. The more backlinks, the higher you’ll be ranked in the search engines. But even more important than the number of backlinks are how relevant your backlinks are.

Think of your backlinks like your Curriculumn Vitae (CV) when you’re applying for a job.

When the people who are going to be doing the hiring are looking at the applications and the CV’s, they are always looking for relevant information.

If the job is a marketing executive at a computer company, your experiences in a beauty salon, flippin burgers at McDonalds, and your experiences as a florist aren’t really that important.

More important are all your experiences with computers and marketing. If you’ve got education related to computers or marketing, that’s important. If you’ve worked with computers and marketing, that’s important.

Your CV should be relevant, if not, they won’t hire you.

The same goes for your backlinks. If they’re not relevant, Google won’t care much for them. If Google don’t care, your backlinks wont’t matter. Your backlinks won’t help you get any traffic.

2 responses to “Why Your Backlinks Should Be Relevant”

  1. rackmountlcd says:

    How does any search engine such as google read back links , i mean the criteria for it ?
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  2. Raphilon says:

    I agree with you, that is 100% pure true, backlinks are very important and relevent backlinks will improve search engine rank. Thanks for sharingthat info.

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