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Why You Should Use Facebook Events

Facebook events is another great free way to promote yourself and your company. So far, I have written in details about how you should use Facebook groups and why Facebook groups are important. Today I will focus on how to use Facebook events, and why it’s important that you start using it today.

You can use it to promote almost anything, it only needs to be something related to a specific date and a location. It doesn’t have to be a traditional event though. You can use it to promote a product launch, or you can use it to promote an existing product by offering a certain days of discount, you can use it to promote a gathering, or your corporate milestones (for instance, your company will be 10 years old on a certain date – tell people about it). An event can be almost anything.

When it comes to location, it doesn’t have to be a specific location. Don’t think that it has to be a standard location like a building. You could create an event, like Earth Hour (which my college will be attending on the 28 of March), where the location is “everywhere”. You just have to turn off the lights for one hour between 8.30 and 9.30 pm whereever you are.

It’s fairly easy to be creative when it comes to Facebook events. You can even use it to promote yourself. For instance, 100 days of diet. Set a specific date for when you should have lost 30 pounds. The location will be “whereever”. By using your diet as an event, all your friends can follow your progress.

All Facebook events will include by default, a wall, discussion board, links, photos, and videos. You can remove them, if you don’t like them included. But by having them, it’s a lot easier to communicate with people attending your event.

why use Facebook events?

The best thing about Facebook events, other than the fact that it’s free to use, is that they are very easy to use for marketing purposes. You can invite all your friends to join the event, just by the push of a button. If you add more admins to your event, they can invite all their friends as well. And you can add new friends whenever you feel like it. This only takes a few seconds, and your event will be read by hundreds or even thousands of people.

If you add the event to your profile, it will be added to the newsfeed of all of your friends (well, most of your friends, some might have added a few restrictions in their newsfeed). By adding the event to your profile, a lot of people will see it.

Facebook events is an easy way to manage a guest list, and an easy way to get an overview regarding how many people will show up at your event. It could be a birthday party, a concert, or whatever you’d like to promote. By using it, you’ll know how many to expect.

It’s very easy to spread the word and it’s very easy to communicate with the members of the event. This is the power of networking (the same goes for Facebook groups).

You can send messages to all the members of your event, even though you might have more than 1,500 members. If you have more than 1,500 member of a Facebook group, you can’t send a message to all of them (at least that’s what I have read). But Facebook events and Facebook pages (more on this topic later) have no restrictions when it comes to sending messages to all members. I am not sure about the limits anymore, because it seems that the people at Facebook have raised the limits of group messages.

You can also use the wall, the discussion board, links, add videos and photos, in order to communicate with people attending your event.

How I have used Facebook events

I have used, or I should probably say we have used, Facebook events to spread the word about events and happenings at the college. Whenever we have a major happening, we create it as an event.

Sometimes, we even create events for things happening outside the college. We use Facebook events for happenings with our co-workers. If we are going to invite co-workers to a party, we use Facebook events in order to spread the word, and in order to keep track of how many people are going to attend the party.

The problem with Facebook events

A lot of people are using Facebook, but not everybody. So, in order to reach 100% of the people you want to target, you might need to use Facebook and something else. For instance, when we use Facebook events to invite our co-workers to a party, we have to use regular email as well.

If you just want to reach your closest friends, then Facebook events might be enough. But, before you decide what to do, ask yourself two questions; who am I targetting with this event? Are all my targets using Facebook?

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7 responses to “Why You Should Use Facebook Events”

  1. Gilbert Van Norman says:

    I love the fact that I can use Facebook Events to advertise. It is a great source of free traffic. There are many different things you can post. Thank you SlyMarketing for this great idea.

  2. Gilbert Van Norman says:

    I recently posted a 10,000 step challenge to all my friends and family using Facebook events. So far I have 6 confirmed attendees.

  3. jesssoul says:

    I simply can’t get over the sheer volume of events I get asked to attend, to the point that I can’t manage them all. Being overwhelmed by FB event invites is just about as effective as not being invited at all.

    Perhaps things have changed. I can’t count on the number of RSVPs for an event as any sort of accurate accounting of who will attend, and have to resort to other tactics to ensure attendance. Are you really sure FB events is as effective you say? I’m simply not buying it anymore :/

    • Well, i agree with you. When I wrote this post (a long time ago), it was certainly true, but now?

      It’s still important, but I believe that the new groups are even more important.


      What has become even more important, because of all the information (and all the invitations) we receive is trust and building a community of followers, a tribe. You want your messages and your invitations to be read, that’s why we need people to trust us and expect something fantastic.

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