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Why You Should Read Lord of the Barnyard

I have been reading Lord of the Barnyard during my vacation. It’s a book by Tristan Egolf, it was his debut as an author, and it’s about a very interesting character called John Kaltenbrunner.

I am not going to write a full review, because this blog is not about reviews when it comes to novels. But sometimes I just have to do an exception, and that usually happens when I read great novels. I just have to let you know about them – because hopefully you’ll enjoy them too. So, instead of the full review, I am going to write some of my thoughts regarding Lord of the Barnyard.

The reason I enjoyed it was because of John Kaltenbrunner. He was a character that both got me laughing, and at times he made me a little worried. And sometimes he even reminded me of myself, and sometimes he reminded me of a few of my friends from my childhood. John Kaltenbrunner is a guy it’s easy to like and I just wanted to know more about what he was up to. The story could probably have continued forever and if it did, I would still be reading.

John is a young farmboy, and at the age of 9 his only wish is to be left alone and tend his farm. The world outside his farm doesn’t really exist. That’s the story really, but as you might suspect, a lot of stuff happens to this boy. Throughout the book we follow his journey from his farm to the barnyard. A great story.

If you want to read some reviews, you can read one at New York Magazine, Rambles and Access My Library. You can read reviews and buy the book from Amazon.

I found the book to be a rather tragic story at times, but it was so interesting, and I was just waiting for John Kaltenbrunner to strike back at society. Now, that’s all I am telling.

I have just discovered Tristan Egolf and his world, and earlier today, I discovered that he committed suicied in 2005. There will be no more books. Such a great author and young man, it’s a sad story.

I will buy the two books I haven’t read, Kornwolf and Skirt and the fiddle. Sometime in the future, I will tell you all about them.

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