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Why You Should Create an Ezine

Before I tell you why you should create your Ezine, Iíll tell you what an Ezine really is.

Whatís an ezine?

You may already be subscribed to one, it seems that most people are. An ezine is really just a newsletter usually sent to you by email. Some people call it an online magazine, and thatís also what it is. It all depends on the content; the length of the content, and of course the quality of the content.

Some ezines are short, and sent out daily, or weekly. Some ezines are rather lenghty and sent out once a month. Itís fairly hard to distingush between an ezine and a short newsletter. I never use the term ezine for my newsletter, thatís because I send out a short message once a week, and thatís definitely not an online magazine.

I would say that an ezine is a rather long newsletter, which includes different topics in a specific niche. The reason why Iím not using online magazine and ezine interchangeably, is that an ezine is more than on online magazine.

Why should you create an ezine?

A lot of people are earning a lot of money from publishing ezines. Therefore, money is certainly one reason why you should consider creating one.

Another reason for creating an ezine is building trust. In order to build trust among your community and amoung your customers, you need to communicate with them. You can do that through a blog, and/or you can do it by publishing an ezine.

A third reason is learning. The main reason why I created my Protein High Foods blog, is because I want to learn more about food, health, and proteins. In order to publish new articles, I have to read and gain more knowledge on the subject. The same goes with ezines. You need to stay updated on the subject in order to keep your readers interested.

A fourth reason is traffic. With an ezine within your niche, you should drive targeted traffic to your products/services.

Three important things to remember

A lot of people are already subscribed to ezines, probably even within your niche as well. In order to gain new readers and keep your old readers from unsubscribing, you need to be creating quality.

It’s all about creativity, quality and the list.

If you aren’t producing quality content, then your subscribers, no matter what topic you are covering, are going to start unsubscribing in droves. But quality isn’t enough, it should also be content that they won’t be getting anywhere else. Be creative about it.

The list

It’s not only important to build a list in order to be successful, but it’s now more important than ever to start building a real relationship with that list, and nurturing it by offering serious value.

The people who grasp that concept are going to be the ones making a lot of money with email marketing in the future. So far, people have gotten away with low or no content, but that will surely change soon.

Put yourself in your subscribersí shoes. Why would you stay subscribed if you just get bombarded with offer after offer and get no benefit?

You need to make your ezine a worthwhile read for people to want to read it! If you do that, the profits will follow.

The question

Before creating your ezine, you need to answer the following question:

Why do you want to create an ezine?

Have your goals ready, and be sure that the topic of your ezine is a topic that you are excited about. If not, you’ll most likely have a fairly hard time creating quality content and being creative enough to keep your subscribers happy, and keeping yourself happy.

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