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Why You Should Buy Lay Off Your Boss

I really enjoy all sorts of Internet marketing courses, even courses for new unexperienced people. Not that I am that experienced myself, but I have been around for a few years, and I know a thing or two about Internet marketing (but I am not a professional marketer). Today I am just going to give you a short story about why I bought Lay Off Your Boss by Jeff Wellman, and what I think about it so far.

First, I didn’t know that Keith Wellman is Jeff Wellman’s son. No wonder why this product was so good looking and so interesting to me even before I decided to buy it. From what I have read and seen inside, Jeff has received a lot of valuable information from Keith. And if you are not sure who Keith Wellman is, well, he is the creator of a series of viral marketing products like listfx and viralfx.

The reason I bought Lay Off Your Boss was the price and the information and the good looking design and copywriting. The price is only $37, and that’s cheap for valuable information and at least it’s very cheap for a Internet marketing course. When I read the sales page and saw all that I would learn if I bought this course, I didn’t have a doubt in my mind about buying it.

I did buy it, and for only $37 as I just said, I got a 64 page e-book, video interviews with 5 professional marketers and 1 1/2 hour audio recording with Gary Ambrose as well as PowerPoint PDF overviews and flow charts. It’s really all that you need to learn how to do Internet marketing as a professional.

I am not saying that you have to buy this if you want to learn Internet marketing, but I am very pleased with it, and I haven’t seen anything as cheap as this when it comes to a professional Internet marketing course.

I haven’t finished watching all the videos yet, but I have read the e-book and I have watched some and looked at the PDF overviews and the flow charts (I haven’t started on the Interview with Gary Ambrose yet). Anyway, I have a lot of great marketing material to watch and listen to and I bet that I am going to learn a lot of new tricks. So far, I can’t tell you how valuable this Lay Off Your Boss Internet marketing course has been to me. It’s worth a lot more than the $37 that I have paid for it, but a price tag, well, I have no clue. Some of the information that the professional marketers tell in their interviews are close to priceless.

My suggestion is: buy Lay Off Your Boss from Jeff Wellman as soon as you are ready to learn about Internet marketing and how to start earning money on the Internet. Just take a fast look at the sales page and you will see what I mean by how this Internet marketing course is close to priceless.

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