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Why you should be using Comment Sniper

Comment Sniper is interesting, and I will tell you two reasons why you should download it today and start using it immediately.

First, a short introduction about what Comment Sniper is.

It’s a software that will let you subscribe to blogs using RSS (or any website that uses RSS). In one way it’s a lot like a feed reader. But in most ways it’s not like a feed reader, because you are not using Comment Sniper to read blogs.

Comment Sniper is all about getting attention as soon as the most important blogs on your reading list have been updated. You get an instant message when they update, this way you can be the first person to actually visit the blog and leave a comment.

That’s my first point. The most popular blogs in any niche receives hundreds of comments on each post. If you are the first person to comment on the posts, and you leave an interesting comment, you will also be more likely to receive extra visitors from that comment. But if you leave the 58th comment, not that many people will read it and not that many people will visit your site based upon your comment. With Comment Sniper you are more likely to leave the first comment.

My second point is that you can use Comment Sniper to be the first person to submit new posts from the most popular blogs in your niche to the various Web 2.0 sites. Most of the posts at the most famous blogs in your niche will get a lot of votes at StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg and Propeller. If you are the first person to submit the stories, a lot of people will vote on them and a lot of people will recognize you and your profile. In the end, a lot of people will know who you are and visit your blog / website. It’s a great way to build your reputation in the communities as a person with good taste when it comes to great content.

Comment Sniper is free and you can start using it today.

I installed it on my laptop using Windows Vista and that didn’t work at all. Try another version of Windows or please give me some feedback if you are able to run it using Vista.

Remember, if this piece of software becomes popular in your niche, it will lose its effect entirely… that’s why it’s important to be one of the first to start using it.

4 responses to “Why you should be using Comment Sniper”

  1. SpinDigg says:

    Hi Jens

    I think any marketer who calls you and starts calling you on a first name basis doesn’t understand marketing. Most of these telemarketers have no idea about marketing and are just doing it for a job. I also recently received a phone call from from a telemarketer, and what made it worse was that it wasn’t even a person on the other end but in fact a recording. I think that says something about their success!

  2. Jens says:

    Yes, I agree with you.

    Interesting that you received a recording instead of a real person. That happened to me once as well, but I just hung up… I am not talking to a machine 🙂

  3. well, If you’ve been using Yahoo Answers to market yourself online, … Yahoo Answers and driving a lot of qualified buyers

  4. Davida Yemi-Akanle says:

    For newbie Networkers – It’s a great tool for getting back links to your site and blog… greatly improving your rankings on Search Engines like Google.

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