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Why X Factor Traffic confuses me

A few weeks ago, I bought something called X Factor Traffic, from the guys behind Nitro Marketing. That’s two marketing professionals, Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill, or so I thought. Now I think that Dearl Miller is the guy behind X Factor Traffic, but really isn’t the guy behind X Factor Traffic actually Willie Crawford?

Anyway, I bought X Factor Traffic at October 31st at the same day that I received the e-mail with the following subject:

FINAL-NOTICE: Last Chance to Get X Factor Traffic…

I decided to pay the $27 for it (a one time payment) and read about the 10 Years of Web Traffic Testing Results and got my hands on the list of the Top 10 Free Traffic Tactics of all time.

I paid and I got the list over at X Factor Traffic just a few hours before it closed.

X Factor Traffic is really a report, and it`s an interesting one. Not a lot of detailed information, but it got the list and I did learn a few interesting techniques from it. But the reason why I am a little confused is not just about the authors or creator or the guys behind the report, but in fact this:

X Factor Traffic is closed, you can’t buy it anymore, but you can sign up for future Trafficology releases and you can get the preview of the list. But you can’t buy it anymore, October 31st was the deadline… or so I thought.

I keep receiving e-mails a couple of times a week, and I have been since November 1st. They all contain an offer to buy X Factor Traffic through something they call the Xbackdoor. This is probably another list they have, where I am one of the subscribers. Because why else would they be promoting a product that I have already bought?

Today I received another e-mail with the same offer, to buy X Factor Traffic for $27 (the same price I had to pay) and with the following text:

X-Factor is currently closed to the public while we package it up to be sold next month in a $300 package. However, you can still get in on the RIDICULOUS launch price of only $27 if you are one of the next 32 people who get in on this – OR before midnight November 30th, 2007…

I am wondering; what sort of marketing trick is this really? I understand that they are using scarcity as a way for people on this list to decide fast. But are they actually lying to me? I thought the doors closed on October 31st, but now they seemed to have opened them again.

The e-mail I received from them at October 31st had the following text inside:

PS: Get the top 10 totally free traffic tactics of all time before October 31st at midnight Pacific time, because after that, they are gone forever

Well, it’s not gone forever….

I like the product, but I don’t think that I like the way they are promoting it.

One response to “Why X Factor Traffic confuses me”

  1. mark says:

    Lol .. I’ve just posted something similar on my blog. The thing is it is an excellent product. I’ve been lucky to see the drafts and what i saw blew me away. They haven’t held anything back. Obviously the lure of $250 in commission does attract a certain type of marketer. However I decided not to promote it directly myselft because everyone else is..

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