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Why We Suck At Internet Marketing

I am about to write an e-book, and I would like your help. That is, only if you are not successful. I want to write the stories of 30 people who (so far) have failed at Internet Marketing.

My project title is “why we suck at Internet marketing” and it’s more for fun than the real title. Well, for all that I know, it might in fact become the real title. I have to decide later on.


The e-book will be interviews with 30 people (from all across the globe) who have failed at Internet marketing. They have spent hours and maybe hundreds or thousands of dollars, without earning a profit.

I want to know what they have done, I want to know their story.

I want the 30 people to write apx. 10 pages about themselves and what they have done in order to fail.

I want the e-book to be about failure, it won’t be anything about success.

Why is it all about failure?

Because we can learn a lot from failure, we can learn what we shouldn’t be doing and we can learn what caused the failure. If we understand failure, we might understand success.

The e-book will be completely free, and each of the 30 people will be promoted and they will get links to their blogs / websites or even affiliate programs.

This is my first post about the project, and I am hoping to reach out to find a few people that want to participate. It won’t be a lot of work, I just need the 10 pages from you. I am not in a hurry, but I would like to know soon if you want to participate.

Are you still failing at Internet marketing, this will be completely free and I can promise you that you will get a lot of exposure and the e-book will be promoting you – and promoting you is what it’s all about, that’s how you become successful at Internet marketing.

So, if this project sounds interesting and you want to participate, please contact me as soon as possible, send an e-mail to jens(at) or leave a comment at this post.

6 responses to “Why We Suck At Internet Marketing”

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Jen:
    I really liked your write ups on the Silver Bullet. I’m thinking of buying this product and wanted to bounce some question off of you. I was looking at your last post and it looks like by now you have been in it for two months. What is your thought now on this product? Is it worth it to buy? Have you made any sales of yet? Do you think this will get out played by everyone if there are only 10 products to promote? My concern was the same as you commented on in your blog about not knowing the Stats. Also, can you set these websites up in your on auto responder?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Dan,

    I am really starting to like this system. As you might have read, I was a little sceptical at first, and I think that their support had a few problems. But their support seems to be a lot better now.

    I have earned about $300 in February, and I have only been writing about it on my blog (not been promoting it in any way other than that).

    The stats are still missing, but you can see how many people are visiting your links (that’s all).

    I believe that the 10 products (bullets) a month will be more than enough for “everybody”. We have 20 already, and in a few days we will have 30. The reason that I think it’s more than enough, is that they are using the top products from ClickBank, and you can promote them all for months or even years (they won’t be out of fashion for long). Just take Butterfly Marketing as an example.

    You can use the websites in your autoresponder. Every product will have 5 follow-up e-mails, you can put them in your autoresponder. You get access to everything, but you need an AWeber account to be able to access the e-mail series.

    I believe that the system is really powerful, and I can only image what it can do for you if you use PPC or other kind of advertising.

    … but I haven’t been paid my commissions yet, this will happen on March 1st 🙂

  3. Roger says:

    Do you already have received any payment? Thanks

  4. Jens says:

    Hi Roger,

    I will receive my first payment on 1st of March. This is because of the 30 day full guarantee.

    From people become a member of Affiliate Silver Bullet, you have to wait 30-days until you get paid the commission. That’s because they have 30 days full guarantee, they can use the system for 30 days and get all their money back if they don’t like the system.

    So, if I got paid before the 30-day guarantee, and someone cancelled their membership, I would have to pay Affiliate Silver Bullet some of my commission back.

  5. Roger says:

    Hi Jens,

    You said that you will receive your first payment on 1st of March, and we are on March 5th today. Did you already receive it? and if it is so, did you receive it by Paypal ?

    Thanks, and I’m sorry for the questions, but i’m very interested on get money, and this system sounds to be too good, but I would like to be more sure before I could register on it.

    I’ll appreciate your information. Thanks

  6. Jens says:

    Hi Roger,

    I am sorry, my mistake. I should have written 1st of April. At first I thought I would receive my commission on 1st of March, but because of the 30 day guarantee, I had to wait the 30 days for the money.

    They told me that I will receive it by PayPal.

    The system works, but I don’t know about the payment yet. Sorry.

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