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Why using synonyms are important?

You want to be different, because you want people to notice you. If they don’t notice you, then you won’t sell anything or you won’t get readers to your blog or your sales letter. They won’t open your e-mails.

But how can you be different?

Think about this for a moment.

You are going to send an e-mail to your list. You want people to open it and click on the link inside. You are going to present a very interesting Internet marketing application to them, a product that you truly recommend.

How do you write your e-mail and get people to open it and then click the link inside?

To stand out from all the other e-mails in their inbox, you need an interesting headline.

You are thinking about this headline at first:

[firstname] this is an effective application

or maybe

[firstname] this is a powerhouse application

[firstname] this is an impressive application

[firstname] this is a cogent application

[firstname] this is a puissant application

I have to admit that I would probably click on all the above, but it would be more likely for me to click the cogent application and the puissant application. But that’s probably because I am not that articulate or fluent when it comes to English. I would click just to try to understand what the e-mail was all about.

What I am trying to say is that if you use other words than people on your list are used to reading every single day, your e-mail will stand out from the crowd. Use a service like and find synonyms of the words you were going to use.

It might be worth the extra time.

I am not saying that my example above is a great one, but you probably do get my point.

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