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Why use Plugoo at your blog?

I have been thinking about installing a service called Plugoo at my blog for a while. What Plugoo does is provide you with a neat tool on your website in order for your visitors (friends, family or everybody for that matter) to chat with you directly from your website.

It both looks cool and sounds cool, but why should I provide a service like that? Even though it´s free, I just can´t decide why I should have this on my website. Isn´t it enough that my visitors can send me e-mails directly from my blog? If I installed it would people use it?

I am leaving Plugoo to rest for now, but I am not entirely finished my thoughts. Some day I might be installing it 🙂

I think Plugoo might be great for someone running a service, for example for people running traffic exchanges. With Plugoo at their blog, their members would have a place where they could go for support (then they could send msn messages to the owner without having to actually add the owner to msn or the owner adding them, at least I think this is how Plugoo works).

2 responses to “Why use Plugoo at your blog?”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    I tried viewing your 404 page and got a 403 forbidden page :-/

  2. Jens says:

    It should be working now.

    I think that there was something wrong with the server, not sure
    what the owner of OTO Goldmine was up to … but it seems to be
    working fine now.

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