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Why Use Countries in Online Marketing?

As you might already know (I seem to start all my latest blog entries with this sentence) I am about to launch my new project, it´s an directory of online marketing resources. Hopefully you will join me when I am ready for the world. But today I started thinking about countries. In my directory I am about to list all the countries in the world, so when you join (I am still hoping that you will be joining) you will write about your company and your services / products, you will provide your logo / pictures and you will have contact information and a link to your website. And finally you will pick your location aka your country.

But why would country be interesting in online marketing? We are living in a world without borders (at least on the Internet it seems like that kind of world), where Internet is everywhere and there should be no excuse to live in one country or the other. We all have computers and we are all online (at least when you consider online marketing). Would it matter to me (or you) if the company that provides the interesting service or product is located in Denmark or Bulgaria instead of USA?

I am asking this question because I am not sure if there would be any point of me listing all the countries in the world. Should I just remove anything related to countries and location? This is hard, well, if I decide to remove it I can just add it if I get a lot of complaints.

Not sure exactly what to do with this one.

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