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Why Twitter and Facebook are important for your marketing and for your knowledge

I am at a hotel in Sweden, and I am currently in my room, looking outside at the sun. It’s a fantastic view, and I am thrilled to be here. Anyway, what I thought about earlier today, was my experience with Twitter and Facebook (so far) and why I think that they are both important for my marketing and for my knowledge in general.

Let me give you a short update from the last 24 hours or so, this is two stories according to Twitter and Facebook.

Yesterday, I received information from a friend at Facebook about the earthquake somewhere close to San Francisco. I received the information before any newspaper or any newsservice online. I received it, because he experienced it and updated his status at Facebook as it happened, and I was logged in at that moment. This might not be very important, but it shows how fast you will get the news if you use the right tools and if you have the right friends.

Still yesterday, I received information from a friend at Twitter about new interesting updates at Bloglines. This again, shows me how easy it is to get interesting news if you use interesting tools and have interesting friends.

I could start posting links to my business (if I had one), or I could start posting interesting news that was happening to me (if something did in fact happen). This way, people will get more interested in me and be more likely to visit my blog and find out more about me.

Both Twitter and Facebook are really interesting, but what will happen when you have 1,000 “friends”? Will you only have time to publish your own status updates and news, or will you take a quick look at a few of the updates from some of your friends? The more friends you got at both Twitter and Facebook, the more people might see what you publish. I can see that some rather famous people got a huge network, and it would be interesting to know what they are doing. Just publishing or in fact reading as well?

One thing that I would like to see in the future at both Twitter and Facebook or any other social community on the Internet is an automatic friends system. A way for the community to help you find new friends, a way for the system to suggest new friends for you. A lot like MyBlogLog, but instead of blogs/communities it would be friends.

You could set a few topics that you are interested in, and if other people have similar interests, Twitter or Facebook will send you a notification about the person and suggest that you connect as friends. This would be interesting, but it could also be sort of annoying. I would guess it would be great if this feature could be turned both on and off. On second thought, it might sound a lot like a dating service…

The reason I thought about this new feature is that marketing and using Twitter and Facebook are all about expanding your network and communicating with your network. The easier it is to expand your network the better, and the easier it is to actually expand it to include interesting people, the better for you and for them.

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