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Why Seven Nation Army Should Fascinate You

You might have heard of The White Stripes before, or you might not have heard of them. It really doesn’t matter. This band consists of only two people, Jack White and Meg White, and they play awesome music. You might like their music, or you might not like their music, it really doesn’t matter either.

My point today is that they have manage something that very few people or bands every get to experience. I am not sure if it’s a coincidence or if it has to do with brilliant marketing or if it’s because of the fascinating song called Seven Nation Army. I really don’t know.

What happened is that Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes was chanted along every stadium and every game during Euro 2008 (the European Soccer Championship this summer). Just take a look at the video below from YouTube, and you’ll hear the song all over the stadium. It was the unofficial EURO 2008 Anthem.

How did it happen?

You can hear the song in the background at the stadium, so was it planned from the beginning, if it was, who planned it? Was it the marketing people at UEFA, or did the managers of The White Stripes have anything to do with it (I doubt it), or was it all just a coincidence?

Maybe it happened the other way around. People started chanting the song, and after a few games, the people at the stadiums decided that they should start playing the song. That sounds very unlikely to me.

Either way, the seven nation army was a huge success.

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