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Why People Spend Their Money Online

I have been thinking about this question a lot, and I am not sure if I have the answer yet, but I will give you my opinion.

I don’t believe that most people are using the Internet to buy something because it’s easy or convenient. They are not buying because the store is open 24 hours a day and they can sit in their underwear and buy whatever they are looking for.

I don’t believe that most people buy online because they love the product, how the product look or the design of the product.

I don’t believe that most people buy online becaues of the low price or the selection of products. You can find anything online.

Now, I am not saying that nobody will buy something online because of this. I am only saying that I think that this applies to most people.

I believe that most people spend money online because they have a desire. They spend money online because they want something. I am not saying that they spend money online because they need something, because there are a destinction between need and want.

I need to stop eating as much pizza as I am currently eating (yes, it’s true), but I just don’t want to. I don’t need to buy a new e-book about Internet Marketing (because I really don’t have the time to read another one, I have about 5 waiting for me to be read), but I want to buy it.

I believe that your job as an Internet marketer is to convince your visitor that her desire will be filled if she buys your product.

Why do you think people buy products online?

2 responses to “Why People Spend Their Money Online”

  1. Sucker says:

    I noticed this myself. Definitely annoying, but to be expected… just a combo of exit popups, live chats, and those special one time offers.

    Eventually it will get even worse and I’ll just buy the stuff to save the hassle!

  2. Munna says:

    OMG. Great Post. Thank you so much.

    Making money online is simple, my latest blog:

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