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Why people are not commenting on my blog

I have quite a few visitors at slymarketing, at least 700 unique every single day, and this number is increasing. Even though I have a fair amount of visitors, very few leave a comment. I find it a little weird, but at the same time, it might not be that weird, because I am not leaving many comments on other blogs myself.

I receive about one comment a day, except for spam comments (I receive a lot of those).

I really appreciate feedback, any kind of feedback. So, not receiving comments is sort of a problem for me. But on the other hand, I receive a lof of feedback on e-mail. People could have just added their thoughts as a comments, but instead they are sending me e-mails, that’s great, because to me, the feedback is what’s most important.

I have been thinking, how do I get more people to comment?

The reason I want the comments instead of e-mail, is that it’s easier to go back and read the comments (actually, it’s a lot easier to go back and find them). It’s sort of like an archive, with e-mail, it’s almost impossible to find them after a few months, if they haven’t specified the subject or I remember their names.

In some of my posts I have asked questions, like in the post about the president of our college and the video on facebook. I should probably have said that I’d like you to add a comment if you have any thoughts on this, because when I ask a general question, some people sends me an e-mail automatically, maybe because they think that’s what I am asking them to do?

If I am specific about what I want, I might get it.

It’s of course important that it’s really easy to leave a comment, I am not using any captcha or registration, because I believe that this would just make less people interested in leaving a comment (well, not many are doing it now, so I guess it wouldn’t have made much difference).

There are also several interesting plugins for WordPress that are supposed to be helping to get readers to comment, and I haven’t been using any one of them:

This plugin will display the commentator’s latest post, and I have just installed it.

Lucia’s Linky Love
If you use this one, you can set the required number of comments someone has to make in order to make all of their links “do follow” links

This plugin will cost you $40, but it might be worth it. If you use it, you can reward commentators for every x amount of comments they make. They’ll get an e-mail when they have made an x amount of comments with a gift of your choice (x equals whatever you want it to be).

Top Commentators Widget
This plugin will reward the top commentators by adding their link to the sidebar of your blog. I have seen this one on many blogs, and I really understand why it’s popular.

Multi Author Comment Notification
By adding this plugin, people commenting on your blog can get notified when someone leaves a new comment, this way they can easy follow all the comments and go back and leave new comments.

The only plugin I have installed so far is CommentLuv, and I installed it yesterday. I am now thinking about testing the other ones.

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