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Why Not A Creative Marketing Campaign For Safari?

I find it very interesting that Apple is sort of forcing the Safari browser on windows users, I am talking about people using their iPod / iTunes on windows. If they have installed the latest update of iTunes on windows, Safari is included in the download.

I am not sure if Apple is trying to gain a bigger share of the browser market by doing this, or if they are thinking of it as a way to promote their Safari browser to people who have never tried it or what they are thinking – maybe it’s just a way to say that Safari is the default browser for iTunes and it’s the best compatible browser?

I can understand why Apple want more people to use their browser, because only about 2% are currently using Safari.

But is distributing safari for windows via iTunes the way to go? Well, I don’t think so.

The main problem is that a lot of people will download Safari without knowing it, or without wanting it. And, if people don’t want your product, you should not “force” them to get it. It won’t make them like the product more.

There have been a lot of talk about the controversy, and most people I have talked to or most websites I have visited, they all agree that this is not what Apple should be doing. But at the same time, it’s smart business.

If they are trying to get more than their 2% share of the market, this might be what they need to do. They need more people to test it, they need more people to find out how good the browser really is, and they need people using windows to start using Safari. If this is a smart move by Apple, this could mean trouble for Firefox. I don’t believe that Safari will make users of Internet Explorer switch. If some people will make the switch I think it would be people already using Firefox or Opera, I guess I think that people still using Internet Explorer just doesn’t know how to switch to a different browser

So, why doesn’t apple make a very cool marketing campaign to promote Safari instead of using the backdoor into windows?

I guess it might be all about the money. It’s a lot cheaper, it’s actually free, to distribute Safari this way. And a lot more people will probably install Safari on their computers because of this update of iTunes.

But what about all the negative press? Could it hurt Apple?

I think not. Apple is still one of the coolest companies on earth, if not the coolest. I think that it’s more likely that people installing Safari might actually like the browser, but I am not sure if Safari will get more than 2% share of the market by pushing Safari on windows users. But it’s an interesting way to ”promote” the browser.

The only thing that I am pretty sure of is that if anybody can get away with doing something like this, it’s Apple. Apple is adored by so many people, and “the whole world” trusts Apple, and a lot of people find Apple to be one of the most innovative companies and the coolest company and so on, and because of this, Apple will most likely not have a problem with this iTunes update.

But again, why not make a very cool advertisement campaign (like the Get a Mac commercials)?

I would have preferred to see some new cool Safari ads. I can imagine a safari marketing campaign like the Axe effect, instead of the chicks going wild because of the smell of Axe, both men, women and kids would go bananas over the cool Safari browser, and they will get sucked into the computer and literally surf the waves of the Internet.

What I am saying is, there are so many creative people at Apple and Apple have some of the coolest and funniest ads, why not continue being creative to get a bigger market share than doing it the easy way. The easy way is not the Apple way of doing business.

2 responses to “Why Not A Creative Marketing Campaign For Safari?”

  1. sahasranaman says:

    Well, why does it matter if she’s good at marketing too?

    she can make all the money out of it as long as she gives us a nice read.

    As more and more HP books came, people stopped noticing the magic and began paying more attention to the story. And still, book 7 was a real master piece.

    If she can prove herself once again, I wouldn’t mind what it is.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi there,

    I certainly agree with you. It would be great if she’s good at marketing too. I am just asking the question.

    It would be interesting to know if she is saying the stuff she is saying in order to keep up the great interest regarding Harry Potter, or iif she is saying it for some other reason.

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