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Why is Mike Filsaime giving away his software?

I thought that this was too good to be true, yes, that was my first thought when I heard that Mike Filsaime was giving away four of his bestselling software (PowerLink Generator, ProTrack Manager, ViralFriend Generator and ButterflyMarketing Manuscript).

Guess what?

It’s too good to be true.

My second thought was that if Mike Filsaime is giving away his software, he is doing it to build a much larger list.

But when I visited his sales page and tried to sign up for a free copy of ButterflyMarketing Manuscript, I saw that he was doing exactly the same as Matt Bacak did. And I think that Matt did a huge mistake and I think that Mike is doing one right now.

When you choose one of the four products, you will end up at a page that, if you read it closely, tells you to:

Please send me this added bonus absolutely free! ($97 Value) Mike, please send me a complimentary copy of your “Best Damn Newsletter” for free. I Pay Nothing Today! – Just S&H. I know that this newsletter holds some of your best kept secrets that I can use to make hundreds, or even thousands of dollars every month. I also know that, while there are no guarantees, just one of your nuggets can impact my business by thousands, maybe even millions of dollars, if I apply what I learn from it. And I know I can learn several each month over and above just One!

I know others pay $97 each month to get your newsletter, and I am happy to get this months copy for free. I understand that you will give me a huge 80% discount for life on this as long as I continue to stay on your newsletter. Please bill me the discount price of only $29.95 (free S&H) each month starting in 30 days from today. I understand that is newsletter is over $77 off your normal price.

You’ll need to enter your credit card information, and you need to sign up for his newsletter and pay for shipping and handling $29.95 today, you’ll receive a free copy of his newsletter, but if you don’t cancel it, you will receive it in the mail each month and you’ll have to pay $29.95 each month.

I am not saying that it’s not worth it. His newsletter might be the best, I have no idea. I just don’t like this kind of marketing. It looks like everything is free, and when you are just about to download his software, you realize that it’s not free. Well, the software might still be free, but you will have to pay for something completely different. Something you didn’t know a thing about when reading the sales letter.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you where to visit and get your “free” software.

Just visit Get My Sofware Free and remember to read the last page.

One thing that I find to be really cool is the popover video starring Mike Filsaime, if you don’t want his “free” product, you should at least take a look at his video. It would be cool to have one just like that.

2 responses to “Why is Mike Filsaime giving away his software?”

  1. Sergey Rusak says:

    I kind of belive that lie is running internet. Web marketing today it is like wild west centuries ago.

  2. Dean Hunt says:

    Hi, Dean Hunt here.

    Thanks for the kind words about me and my blog.

    It is of course a joke, all my readers found it amusing, and I actively posted a spoof post about it on my site.

    Of course, if I was going to lie, I would use a number like 8,000 not 6 billion. which by the way, is virtually the entire population of the planet 😉

    The blog is about buzz marketing, so it aims to be amusing and different, it is certainly not aimed at dumb people or people with no sense of humour… no offense Sergey Rusak 😉

    Anyway, glad to see you got the joke, and great headline for your article.


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