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Why I Really Suck at Affiliate Marketing

I’m listening to the awesome music of Nomy, a Swedish artist I discovered about a week ago. While listening to the song Cocaine, I realize that I really suck at affiliate marketing.

I have tried close to everything when it comes to affiliate marketing, and I really suck at it.

It’s not that I haven’t been earning money, because I have. It’s not that I can’t sell, because I believe I can.

There are two reasons why I suck.

#1 – Passion

I don’t enjoy asking people to buy. I don’t enjoy to be the one suggesting that you should spend your money. I just don’t. It’s not what I do best.

My stumach turns every time I write a blog post and add one of my affiliate links.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy earning money, I just don’t enjoy selling.

Well, the only method I sort of enjoy is the Third Tribe way. Where you get to view the product and try it before you buy. That’s what I did before I bought Scrivener. I used Scrivener every single day for 30 days. Then, when I didn’t have access more, and just couldn’t live without it, I bought it.

#2 – Time

I don’t have much time. I’m writing a novel, that’s my focus.

When involved in affiliate marketing, I have to be able to test everything. I just can’t sell products I haven’t tried and tested myself.

When I can’t test the products, I just can’t sell them, even though the products are receiving amazing reviews from people I really trust.

I have to know for sure that what I’m selling is worth buying. I have to know that I would buy the product. I can’t sell products I wouldn’t buy.

I have to understand close to “everything” about the product. I want to be able to answer questions about the product, I want to be able to help my customers. I’m the support, although I’m not. The product is not my product, it’s someone elses. That’s where I’m lost.

4 responses to “Why I Really Suck at Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Liz says:

    You write incredibly well, maybe its time to compose a little ebook showing people how to fill their blogs with such enjoyable stories.

    How about writing for the ezines – there should be money there . Visit the Warrior forum, they're always coming up with good ideas on how to profit from article writing.

    BTW Keep feeding your “cat” – its a marvelous tale.

  2. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your kind words.

    I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but at the moment I'm enjoying my vacation in Greece 🙂

  3. Jonathan Beebe says:

    Hello. I'm a new follower to your blog.

    I think you're looking at affiliate marketing the wrong way, as if it's something that's totally unethical. The truth is, if you're the one who referred someone to buy a product, then you should definitely be compensated for it… That's the just vendor's way of showing their appreciation to you.

    You're not stealing money, and if you're just presenting or recommending a product, you're not tricking the consumer in any way. They're still the one's who enter in their credit card information and guess what… if it's a great product then you HELPED them. That's what money is for, trading it for something valuable and useful.

    To make yourself feel better, you can do what I do on my blog. When I post an affiliate link in a post, i put a [aff] next to it to let everyone know that I'm getting an affiliate commission if they purchase the product on the other side. Might I lose some commissions? Yes, but if they're really uncomfortable with me making money from their purchase then so be it.

    I really like how you're so into being ethical though, that's awesome. There should be more marketers like you. Take care and keep up the great work on your blog!

  4. Hi Jonathan,

    You're absolutely right, I never thought about affiliate marketing like that. I have never been that good at selling, and especially when it comes to products I don't really believe in. That's why I only (at least most of the time) sell products I have tried and tested myself.

    Thanks for your comment, and please continue to share your thoughts.

    – Jens

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