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Why I am not buying from Template Monster

First of all, Template Monster has some really cool templates and their prices are pretty cheap. But still, I am not buying from them. I haven’t heard any bad stuff about their services or about their templates, but still I am not buying.

I bet you are a little curious…

I have been thinking about a new template for a while, and I have been looking all over for “the perfect one” and I have been inspecting Template Monster many times. Their wordpress category has some really nice ones, but when I click on “click here to see LIVE DEMO of this template” I get a little dissapointed. Well, not by the templates in general.

It might be a tiny detail, but for me it’s rather important. Below each post, looks like it’s on all the templates, you see a list of categories (where the post belongs). I hardly see them at all, they are all blurry. It might be just on my Mac, I haven’t tested this on my pc, but even so, if I am going to buy a template it should work perfect on all major browsers and on both mac and pc.

Maybe a tiny detail to most people, but not to me 🙂

2 responses to “Why I am not buying from Template Monster”

  1. Rich says:

    The upgrade says that it gives access to the private seminar room.
    This conference room is not meant to be one that everyone comes to just shoot the breeze although I’m sure that is fine too,but the speakers and experts that Jon will be bringing into the room will be the same speakers that marketers pay $1000’s of dollars to attend their live seminars.
    The opportunity to network with those speakers is priceless, so if a person has a need to learn various strategies to profiting online then upgrading is really a no brainer.
    For those that like credits and clicking more than being educated in the ways of internet marketing then the upgrade would not be needed.

  2. Jens says:

    I will not be able to attend any of the conferences as I live in Norway and there´s a time difference. But as far as I know Jon will be recording all of the conferences and we will be able to download them as MP3 files.

    I am really looking forward to hear what it´s all about.

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