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Why I am not buying The 7 Figure Secrets

I have been bombarded with e-mails lately, most of the e-mails seems to be related to the latest release from Mike Filsaime. It’s called The 7 Figure Secrets, and it looks really interesting.

This is not a sales letter, and I am not an affiliate, and I am actually not going to buy it. Even though it looks interesting and it’s cheap. I have to admit that it’s cheap, because it is, it seems that you only need to pay for shipping.

The reason I am not buying is first of all, because I don’t have time for another e-book or another Internet marketing system or more information. At the moment, the weather is just too darn nice, and my kids are having a great time outdoors, and of course, I am writing that book of mine.

Another reason that I am not buying, and you might find that to be odd, but the reason is that I have to use my credit card to buy the product. If I could have paid using PayPal, then I would have probably bought it. It might just be me, but I don’t like to use my credit card that often, I like using PayPal.

So, every time I am asked to use my credit card to by a new Internet marketing product, then, I stop, read, and think things through a lot more than if I have to use PayPal.

It might be because I don’t really consider PayPal to be real money, I don’t know

Anyways, I found something interesting.

I bet that Erica and Jeff Combs are happy about the domain name from Mike Filsaime. They are using almost the same as, the only difference is the; I guess that they might get a lot of extra traffic.

I am not sure when they started 7 Figure Secrets, but it was probably way before Mike Filsaime. In other words, a really good choice for a domain.

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